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Mission Statement Ice Baths, Playa Del Carmen


Our mission is to provide the very best ice bath experience in Mexico. We provide cold therapy as a viable alternative to anyone who is looking to access mental or physical healing without the use of pills and pharmaceuticals.

Kevin Connelly


Having led hundreds of travelers on adventure trips through more than a dozen countries, Kevin has a love for facilitating unique experiences. It was only after falling into a deep depression that brought him to holistic health practices like breathwork and cold therapy.

He holds breathwork certifications from the Oxygen Advantage, Peak Flow, and the Whole Health Project. Kevin was among the first cohort of adults to study with breath expert and best-selling author, James Nestor. 


Phil Parkinson


An entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses. He has a rather brilliant dog called Long Swan Towers who is currently banned from ReConnect sue to several incidences of anti-social behaviour.

The Iceociates

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