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  • Ice baths aren’t easy, so why bother??
    As with anything in life, when we overcome adversity, we grow. When we exercise, we subject our body to stress. Too little stress, and nothing changes; too much, and we get injured, but the right amount forces our body to adapt to overcome - we get fitter and stronger. “Hormesis” is the subjecting of the body to a controlled amount of stress in order to elicit a biochemical response. Ice baths are a perfect example of this. Just like exercise, while they may feel uncomfortable in the moment, they force the body and mind to adapt to overcome. We build an increased physical tolerance to the pain of the cold and develop the psychological strength to overcome potentially uncomfortable situations. 
  • What are the benefits of regular ice baths?
    Inflammation:  Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases and is responsible  for a huge number of deaths each year. Ice baths subject the body to extreme cold, which reduces inflammation and allows the body to do its job - bring you back to a state of balance. ​ Anxiety & Depression:     The mainstream media told us that antidepressants “worked” by increasing certain feel good chemicals in the body (e.g. norepinephrine, dopamine, adrenaline). Cold exposure has been shown to release the same chemicals in as much as 400 times the normal amounts. These chemicals can boost our mood, improve focus, and promote better sleep. For more information on mental benefits, visit the Soeberg Institute. Immunity: A recent Wim Hof study found that regular ice baths caused a decrease in inflammation, as well as fewer flu-like symptoms, and a swifter normalization of fever and cortisol levels.  ​ Circulation:     Cold water immersion causes your blood vessels to constrict and your blood to rush to your vital organs. Your heart then circulates blood more efficiently throughout your body, producing better oxygenation and nutrients to your cells. Studies have observed this process to enhance blood and oxygen delivery to working muscles.  ​ Stress: Any time we practice slow, deep breathing while our body is being stressed, we are training our stress response to become calmer. With regular practice, we can actually influence our stress response to become less distressed by minor agitations.  For more, check out this recent study. Muscle recovery:     The effects of cold immersion on muscle recovery has been widely researched. Many studies, including this one, have shown a positive link between ice baths and muscle recovery. This study found that cold immersion reduced muscle soreness and swelling, after high-intensity workouts. ​ -Sexual Wellness:     While we never want to make any promises that ice baths will lead to a wilder and more sensational sex life, there are some interesting findings when it comes to sexual wellness and cold therapy.  Infertility: A recent study by the International Journal of Andrology found that scrotal cooling in 20 infertile males caused their sperm count to double in 8-12 weeks. Testosterone: 14 male soccer players were recruited to engage in running exercises followed by cold therapy. Researchers found that a single session of whole body cryotherapy increased testosterone concentrations for up to 24 hours. Sex Drive: Dr. Oberdan Marianetti, a Singapore-based psychologist and clinical sexologist, says cold exposure and breathing helps improve our cardiovascular system, which is vital in having a great sexual experience. “Pysiologically much of the sexual experience relies on a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy nervous system, because both the penis and vulva are erectile organs that rely on a strong blood flow to become engorged and allow penetration to occur to lead to a pleasurable experience.” Dr. Oberdan explains that cold exposure is a fundamental “workout” for the cardiovascular system. This type of cardiovascular training can contribute to a more immediate and reliable sexual experience physically. ​ -Weight loss:    Ice baths instigate an internal process called “thermogenesis.” To retain heat, your body releases norepinephrine in as much as 400 times the normal amount. Your body also begins to produce brown fat, which heats the body by burning carbs. A number of studies have proven a positive correlation between cold exposure,  weight loss, and the human metabolism. For more ice bath benefits click here.
  • What's with the breathing?
     Each ice bath is always preceded by a session of  breathwork. Breathing connects us to our nervous system, and helps to prepare for the stress of the cold. It also relaxes our body and centers our mind,  helping us to focus internally, rather than externally. 
  • How cold is it?
    It’s cold - within reason. Water is kept around 3-4°C (37.5-39°F). Cold enough to elicit a response, yet safe as to not induce hypothermia.
  • How long is each ice bath?
    Present day, it’s common to see people trying to stay under the ice for ever greater lengths of time, without understanding the impact this is having on their body. Going too far increases the chances of hypothermia, without yielding the additional benefits.  We do not force anyone to stay in the ice for any longer than they want to, but we do limit each ice bath to a maximum of 3.5 minutes. Although this may not sound like a long time, believe us, it’s plenty long enough when you’re in there. We base this time length on our experience leading thousand of people through ice baths and from the work of Dr. Susanna Soeberg.
  • How often should I take an ice bath?
    Dr. Susanna Soeberg, the leading international researcher on cold exposure, recommends a total of 11 minutes per week for maximum ice bath benefits. She suggests 2-4 sessions of 1-5 minutes each session. According to a recent study, this total unlocks the greatest health benefits.
  • Where do you meet?
        We meet just to the right of the Constituyentes Pier in front of the Wyndham Hotel. Click here for a Google map.
  • How much is an ice bath?
        A single session is $16 (280 pesos) and lasts one hour. We offer further discounts for packages of 5, 10, and 20 ice baths - click here.
  • Is it safe?
    When compared to antidepressants, ice baths are safe as houses. But as with any activity that involves pushing your body, there are risks involved. If you're concerned about safety, check out our safety page prior to plunging with us.
  • When do you meet?
    For a full calendar of our ice baths, click here.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    We understand things come up in life. We also know it can be difficult to get out of bed some mornings. In order to make it fair, we allow cancellations until 3 hours prior to a session starting. If you cancel before that time, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel outside that window, you will have to forfeit your payment. If the weather gets rough and we have to cancel a session, you will receive a full refund.
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