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Shut Up & Take Your "Medicine"

Updated: Jun 6

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s raise a toast to Big Pharma. Where would we be without the likes of Pfizer and Glaxo pouring their heart, soul (and billions of dollars worth of corporate influence) into making our lives healthier & happier places?

Well… if you choose to live your life with your head outside of your own anus, the answer is: a damn sight better off.

What follows is a rather catty indictment on big Pharma, and the pharmaceutical industrial complex they represent.

Now before we allow our knickers to get all twisty, please note that this is not an attack on the entire healthcare industry. Neither is it an indictment of genuine scientific endeavour, of which we are all rich beneficiaries in almost every facet of our lives… especially healthcare. This blog’s about the shady sh*t. The Darth Vaders. The vast, faceless corporations that masquerade beneath mission statements of “we’re here to make the world a healthier place,” when the reality is, they could not give less of a f*ck about your health if their lives depended on it. Let’s kick things off with a single, irrefutable fact:

Their goal is to shovel as many pills into your body as possible, without actually killing you.

If that sounds a little Orwellian, or even conspiratorial, that’s because they are very VERY good at convincing you that this is not the case. Turns out billion dollar marketing departments are extremely effective at convincing people that up is down, black is white etc.

When exactly did the pharmaceutical industry become an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Present day, there is a chemical in a capsule for every conceivable ailment under the blazing hot sun. Bona no funciona? Pill. Kid got a little too much energy? Pill. If you’re struggling to poo, there’s a pill for that too.

And the lords of Big Pharma said:

Have you ever seen a pill commercial in America. They are funny, but they also reveal a darker side of this new-age medical paradigm. Because states have laws prevent companies from selling toxic substances without telling people it’s poison, Pharma bros are forced to announce all the side effects inside the commercials themselves. So you have this twilight zone reality where companies play shots of incredibly happy American families skipping through sunny meadows in slow motion, while at the same time telling you that if you take their “medicine”, there’s a very good chance you're going to get sick.

Sadly, this not parody...

The pill-pusher’s defence is usually something along the lines of “I’m a product of science!!!” But in 2023, do you really trust the science?

Do you really think that a company that stands to make a billion dollars selling a pill, is going to just hand those pills over to a completely unbiased organisation who are going to conduct rigorous scientific research and then report the truth in a completely unbiased manner? If you do, then fine... keep your head firmly wedged up there. But if the answer is "no," then trust the science is actually a euphemism for "trust the corporation." And how many of us are comfortable with that? In most cases, “science” isn’t science… it’s “corporate-sponsored science” and this is an entirely different animal indeed.

Sponsored "science” proved that depression was linked to low serotonin levels. Over the last 20 years, Big Pharma got rich, as we gobbled inconceivable mountains of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors because we were told that they would make us feel better. Last year, they quietly came forward and admitted that the whole thing was in fact, bullsh*t. Funny that.

Is Big Jimmy C talking from his rear? Or is he making perfect logical sense?

We're we all told to follow the science during the pandemic? That anti-vaxxers were anti-science? That masks and vaccines were the way to go? What about countries like Sweden that didn’t lock down, mask up, or get jabbed? Did they come out worse or better than the countries that did? Funny that.

If science exists, then we absolutely should follow it, but if the “science” is just the ejaculation of a pharmaceutical company's bank account, wouldn’t it be wise to apply a little more scepticism?

Why do brands like Pfizer sponsor news corporations? Why do they own large chunks of social media corporations? Isn’t it bloody obvious? It’s to stop people sharing the truth about who they are and what they do. You can say this stuff to your mates, but if you take it to a platform, the algorithm craps the bed.

Big Pharma has long since bought and paid for policy makers in every major nation the world over. This ensures that despite ever greater levels of obesity, diabetes, depression, and disease, policies always remain “pro pill.” One of their murkiest achievements is the slithering of their tentacles into the education system. It’s real Hitler youth type stuff. Young minds, raised within the paradigm of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Each generation handing down the “truth” to the generation below. With every passing decade the lie becomes more deeply engrained within the collective psyche. Problem. Doctor. Pill.

Have you ever noticed how most general doctors and physicians tend to be a little dead behind the eyes? I think that’s because they have been completely and utterly brainwashed. Don’t you think it odd that a doctor spends 7 years in medical school and doesn’t take modules on nutrition and exercise, ice baths, the power of rest etc? If the name of the game was to cure a human being of their ills, then surely the building blocks of life or the art of physical movement would be a significant part of the curriculum? Strangely, this is not the case. Why is that?

It’s because curing human beings is NOT the goal. Turns out, it's more lucrative to treat symptoms indefinitely than to actually cure the disease. Cures are one-offs, but a pill that needs popping every day until the starts go out. That's where the money’s at.

You are not a human being. A sacred life force to be protected at all costs. You’re a liver, a few kidneys, a heart and some tissue. You're chemical cannon fodder. Your reason for being is to put chemicals in your blood so that shareholders can get a better quarterly return. Now of course, doctors will claim this is all conspiratorial nonsense… But Upton wasn't messing around when he said:

Have you ever taken an Adderall, or a Valium? You can get the same effects by buying a baggie of some shady dude in an alley. While their pills are prettier, and their logos more reassuring, pharmaceutical companies are largely just dealing drugs... on a massive, global scale.

Entirely by design, popping pills has become as routine as brushing our teeth, and Big Pharma is laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, our livers, kidneys and brains are being sacrificed at the altar of medical capitalism. It's enough to make you sick...but don't worry, there's a pill for that.

And now, dear readers, let me introduce you to a glimmer of hope amidst this pharmaceutical carnage. Picture this: a simple practice, rooted in ancient wisdom, that can help us break free from the clutches of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Enter the humble ice bath.

We do not promise that one dip in the ice is going to cure all ills, or that they are a lock to replace all necessary medical interventions, but we do promise that ice baths are a viable alternative to a massive amount of health problems that people conventionally end up shovelling pills to solve. Amazing track record of success, zero side effects, and if you live in Playa del Carmen, incredibly convenient too.

So if you’re not feeling your best, come see us en la playa -

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